Send Cash Gifts $ to…

Day/Overnight Camps

Parents can easily send money to all camp staff at once

Apartment Buildings

Residents love the option to send all building staff holiday cash gifts at once.



Parents love this option for sending cash gifts to their kids teachers over the holidays.



Guests can scan a QR code to send hotel staff money in an instant.

Awesome features unique to Grazzee

Pay staff all at once

Grazzee is a payment app designed to send money to multiple people in one simple transaction.  Find all the staff you want to send money to, simply add the amount and hit send.  Use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, credit cards, ACH bank transfers, and soon Zelle .

Download Now

Users can use Grazzee on our website / computer or Apple/Android phones.  

Manage Everything in One Place

All-in-One Management.

The app is free for entities and recipients, with a 2.5% fee charged to the giver. Grazzee consolidates all building and camp staff in one place, including home buildings, workplaces, garages, camps, and schools, making gifting effortless.

Why Choose Grazzee…

Multi-Gift Transactions

Grazzee’s users can pay all recipients at once using the add payment method.

Pay Apartment Staff

Fast payments to gift everyone in the Building / Garage at once.

Stop Wasting Time

Going to a bank to withdraw cash, buying holiday cards, filling out the cards & then tracking down recipients is time consuming!

Grazzee eliminates all that!!


Makes Gifting EZ

Grazzee users can gift the entire building staff and know they all received it.  No more missing envelopes.

With Grazzee, no more!

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