Grazzee for Hotels

Make it EZ for your staff to receive cash gifts

Grazzee is a versatile cash gifting platform that allows users to conveniently gift all the hotel workers all at once.


Use the Grazzee QR code and help your staff make more money

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Loved by staff

FREE for your hotel and staff
5 years in business
Super EZ for guest to send money

Loved by staff

Hotel workers can send their money to
their bank
pre paid debit card
amazon gift card

Great service deserves modern gratitude

Digital Collection

✔ Givers can use their bank or credit card /.     debit card to send money

Instant Distribution

✔ 4 options for staff to get their money
✔ Staff can get their money immediately

Digital Cash Gift Collection

Secure payments, seamlessly.

Collect cashless gifts on Grazzee’s secure payments platform using our app or website.

App, link or QR code can be used by your hotel 
Employees receive cash gifts instantly
Dedicated Customer Success team

Automate everything.

Instant access to funds, and keep a automated digital records of all the cash gift you have received through Grazzee.

Funds can be transferred to their bank
Funds can be added to a virtual debit card
Amazon gift cards can be bought
Shopping portal to use your Grazzee funds
Dedicated Customer Success team

How it Works

Real-Time Payment

Grazzee enables real-time payments for convenience, speed, and faster fund availability.

Secure Payment.

Flexible payment methods include Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Credit and Debit cards. One can use our app or website to make the transaction.

Simple steps.

Sign up, search for your camp and cash gift everyone all at once.

Transaction details.

Review complete transaction details. Users can now see who and how much gifts they gave last year.

Sending money to all camp, building and school staff all at once!

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