Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive your money when initiating a bank transfer?
*3-5 business days.  Holidays are not considered business days.  Please make sure your account number and routing number are correct


What happens if I withdrew my funds and it never hit my bank account?
* Sometimes a user will enter the wrong bank information and it will get rejected by the bank.  Rest assured the money will get to your account.  Please wait 5 business days before inquiring . The money should be returned to your Grazzee account, but if it was not, please reach out to and provide us with your transaction number and name and email.
How do i know if my account was set up correctly?
* Log in and got to Give $, then your category, then search for your entity.  If you are working for a camp that is private you will need the private link (which can be provided by your camp)
What happens if i dont take out my money from Grazzee??
* Nothing, we do NOT charge any fees if you leave your money in Grazzee.  It is always there for you when you need it
Do i have to pay a fee if I have money in my Grazzee account and i want to send money to someone else on the platform?
*NO, you can send money to anyone without fees by choosing “Pay with Grazzee balance”
Have a business that wants to use Grazzee so your staff will make more money and an EZ solution for the senders?
*Please reach out to us by email at
How does Grazzee make money?
Grazzee charges the sender of the money 2.5% fee.  If the giver wants to link up their bank there is NO additional fee so its still 2.5%.  If the giver wants to use their credit or debit card Grazzee passess along the processing fee of 2.95%+30c.
Who does Grazzee use for bank transactions?
*Grazzee securely links bank accounts using a company called Plaid and uses Stripe as our processor


How to change your profile picture?
*Log into Grazzee and click on profile on the left hand side.  Then click edit profile.  Choose your new photo and then press save
How much does a camp pay to use Grazzee for the summer?
*Nothing, Grazzee is FREE for your camp, and staff.  Grazzee charges the parents to use our platform.  If your camp wants to offer this for free of charge for your parents (pay our fee), please reach out to us to discuss options.
How much does an apartment building pay to use Grazzee for the holidays?
*Nothing, Grazzee is FREE for your building and staff.  Grazzee charges your residents to use our platform.
How do I withdraw my money from my Grazzee account?

*Log into your account either online or through our app.  Once there, you have 3 options to recieve your funds.  

1. Send your money to your checking account by submitting your account and routing number

  1. Transfer your money onto a virtual card that sits on your phone.  Once the money is transfered to your card you can add your card to your wallet to use to tap and pay
  2. Transfer your money to an Amazon gift card.  Once your money is transferred to the Amazon card you will receive a gift code.  Go to Amazon and search “Redeem a Gift Card”.  Enter claim code provided by Grazzee and apply to your balance.
How can I get my apartment building to use Grazzee for the holidays?
*Please send an email to and we will assist you with the process.  Please provide your address and contact information.
How can I get my camp to use Grazzee for the summer?
*Please send an email to and we will assist you with the process.  Please provide the camp name and contact information.